“A writer only begins a book.  A reader finishes it.” ~ Samuel Johnson

Celestial Creams RememberedThank you for visiting kizzybooks.com, where writing comes to life.

Listed here are my Kizzy books for young readers, as well as three additional books that are for people of all ages.  They include Celestial Dreams Remembered a story about the love of angels and how they are always with us, Seven Miles From The Moon a tale of a girl who travels to the moon in her dreams, and Thank You Mom” a tribute to mothers and guardians everywhere.

Kizzy's CastleThe stories of KizzyKizzy’s CastleKizzy’s LunchKizzy’s Park & Kizzy’s Song are all based on a real dog named Kizzy who lived in a local pet clinic. She had the “human-like-quality” most sweet dogs have. She impressed me with her self confidence. She was happy with the small world of the pet clinic and content with her simple possessions, a ball, blanket and chew toy. Her pride affected me and made me realize that small pleasures transcend into the animal kingdom as well.

Celestial Dreams RememberedSeven Miles From The Moon, and “Thank You Mom” are all stories that originated as poems, and were then illustrated to create fun picture books.  I have taken my books “on the road”, presenting to schools, businesses, and libraries.  Thank You MomI share my insights with people of all ages about the writing and illustrating process, as well as the business end of the self publishing world. I am happy to share knowledge that encourages young writers and illustrators to share their vision of creativity with others.  I use crayons and markers to illustrate my drawings, reason being that it reminds me of days gone by happily spent with my coloring books, blank pieces of paper, and nothing but my vast imagination.

Seven Miles from the MoonI have included links that will take you to everything from how to purchase my books, to the presentations that I offer, as well as testimonials, additional artwork, and writing services.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and feel free to click on a book cover to preview my books right now!

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